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2015 Toyota Prius Next Generation

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Toyota undraped the Prius hybrid back in 1997 and since then, the model has been through 3 people changes — the most recent one was discovered in 2009. once Toyota free the Prius, it quickly called the face of hybrid vehicles. With competition setting out to become

fiercer every year, Toyota has to keep up the Prius to stay it within the No. one wring the hybrid market in it 2015 Toyota Prius next generation.

Rumors counsel that the next-generation Prius can take its market dominance to a full new level. Toyota can opt for a very revised look and can move it to New international design platform that may create it lighter and cheaper to develop.This revised look is anticipated to present the Prius a sportier look than the present model, very like the distinction between the last-generation coil and therefore the current generation.

According to a report from Automotive News, the next-generation Prius “will have a brand new style of hybrid system,” with a brand new, ultra-efficient internal-combustion engine and powerful, light-weight lithium-ion batteries. This new engine can attain thermal potency rates on top of forty p.c — up from the present thirty eight.5% — which is able to facilitate deliver around associate degree 8-percent increase in fuel economy.

Expect the fourth-generation Toyota Prius to be placed on sale someday in 2015.

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